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ECCS'12 Satellite Meeting: Data Driven Modelling of Contagion Processes Feb. 13, 2012

EpiFor will organize a satellite meeting at the ECCS'12 titled Data Driven Modelling of Contagion Processes. The Satellite will be hosted by ECCS'12 and it will take place in Brussels on September 5, 2012.

The satellite meeting will be an opportunity for discussing the recent advances in the study of contagion processes across different scientific domains with a main focus on data-driven modeling approaches. The meeting will be fully interdisciplinary and will bring together researchers from a broad range of disciplines such as physics, mathematics, biology, epidemiology, human and veterinary medicine, computer science, information technologies and social sciences. Particular attention will be devoted to the following topics:

    1. Agents movements and spatial spread
    2. Implications of contact patterns and agents heterogeneity for transmission
    3. Temporally evolving networks and dynamics of contagion
    4. Contagion engineering
    5. Interdependent contagion processes

Webpage and Contacts
e-mail: contagion.eccs2012 at

Organizing Committee
Duygu Balcan, ISI Foundation, Italy
Chiara Poletto, ISI Foundation, Italy
Vittoria Colizza, INSERM & University Pierre et Marie Curie, France & ISI Foundation, Italy

The Satellite Meeting will be sponsored by EpiFor. 

Invited Speakers
Niel Hens (Hasselt University, Belgium)
Marcel Salathé (Penn State, US)

Go to Call for Abstract for information on how to submit your abstract

Important Dates
June 1, 2012: Deadline for abstract submission 
June 11, 2012: Notification of acceptance 
July 2, 2012: Program release 
Sept 5, 2012: Satellite meeting