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EpiFor @ Epidemics4 Dec. 2, 2013

EpiFor contributed with two talks and three posters to the conference Epidemics4, that took place in Amsterdam from November 19 to 22, 2013. The conference occurring every two years gathers together experts in the field of dynamical modeling of infectious diseases and it covers topics from influenza to vector-borne diseases, from disease ecology to risk assessment and scenario analysis. The members of Epicx-Lab contributed with two talks and three posters that dealt with their recent research studies. Topics of the posters included: multi-strain dynamics (the poster presented by Chiara Poletto on the work recently published in PLoS Computational Biology), time variability of the cattle displacement network and its impact for the epidemic containment (Predicting node epidemic risk from past dynamical network data presented by Eugenio Valdano) and a statistical study on the representativeness of the InfluenzaNet cohort presented by Vittoria Colizza. Vittoria Colizza gave also a talk on the work recently published on the role of age-dependent contact and travel behaviour on the 2009 H1N1 spread. Eventually the talk of Michele Tizzoni focused on the adequacy of the cell-phone networks as a proxy of commuting patterns in the modeling and characterization of the spatial spread of infectious diseases.

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