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Battling human disease - on a computer April 26, 2011


Technology advances and research results in a wide variety of disciplines is the theme of the 7th International Conference of Innovations in Information Technology - Innovation'11. This is an annual international conference organized by the Faculty of Information Technology, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), this year hosted in Abu Dhabi.  EpiFor team is present with a keynote talk by Vittoria Colizza addressing the recent major advances in IT and data science that enable the detailed simulations of epidemics, pushing the predictive capabilities of data-driven modeling approaches.


The Confrenece also sees the contributions of other keynote speakers, among which David Cohn (Program Director, Smarter Cloud, IBM New York, in the photo), Mostafa Ammar (Georgia Tech), Athman Bouguettaya (CSIRO ICT Centre, Canberra, Australia), and Josef Davis (School of Information Technologies, The University of Sydney, Australia), discussing about the future of the Internet, from crowdsourcing to crowdservicing, to cloud technologies for smarter cities.

Colizza's research was featured on the newspaper The National (the UAE national newspaper):

Battling human diseases - on a computer.