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Young Advisor @EC, meeting with Neelie Kroes April 15, 2011

On April 13, Vittoria Colizza participated to a meeting with the Vice President of the European Commission Mrs Neelie Kroes as a Young Advisor for the new Digital Agenda for Europe, together with other 10 young Europeans involved in science, start-ups, government and civil society.

The meeting has been an exciting opportunity to discuss about the extraordinary advantages of making 'Every European Digital' and how to concretely put in action such plan by involving European citizens and addressing their needs.

We have discussed about: fast, rapid, and direct communication to bring the message to European citizens and explain how ICT is greatly and positively impacting our lives; ICT security, which needs to find an adequate balance to allow for the potentially infinitely large exploration of digital resources while preserving freedom and security; the need to involve citizens as true participants and main actors of this plan, not only as final users; the information/education of digitally responsible and empowered citizens; the urgent and always increasing need for data openness, to allow science to unlock its full value by strongly leveraging on ICT and create unprecedented knowledge

The meeting was also a great opportunity to actively interact with other terrific and creative young experts. We keep our advising commitment to help planning for a Digital Europe, and the next event will be in Brussels on June 16-17, 2011, in occasion of the 1st Digital Agenda Assembly. Do you want to bring your idea for a better Digital Europe? Post a comment here!

If you want to read more, have a look at Mrs. Kroes's blog on the meeting.

[All photos Credit European Union 2011]