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Epifor @ summer school and workshop on complex systems Sept. 1, 2010

EpiFor team contributed to the "International Summer School on Complex Systems: Structure and Dynamics" that took place at ITAP, in Turunç, Turkey, August 23 - 27, and to the "Workshop on Complex Systems" that followed at ITAP, on August 30 - September 1.

The school was aimed towards graduate and post-graduate students interested in doing research in the area of complex systems. The school program covered a variety of topics, ranging from probability and stochastic processes to the last developments in the field of complex networks.

EpiFor contributed to the school program with a series of three lectures titled Epidemic processes on complex networks by Vittoria Colizza.

The workshop was a follow up activity that took place right after the school and it was intended for sharing the latest advances in the field of complex systems among students and researchers. The workshop gathered scientists from different research backgrounds, like physics, math, economics and social sciences.

EpiFor contributed to the workshop with an oral presentation:
Modeling the 2009 A/H1N1 pandemic: the experience after the 2009-2010 winter wave by Michele Tizzoni.