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EpiFor @ ICCS2010 June 21, 2010

The EpiFor team partecipated to the 10th edition of the International Conference on Computational Science, held in Amsterdam from May 31 to June 2, 2010, with a contributed talk by Corrado Gioannini titled "The GLEaMviz simulator. A software tool to explore realistic epidemic spreading at the global scale".
The talk was part of the workshop "Frontiers in the computational modeling of disease spreading", organized by Vittoria Colizza, Alessandro Vespignani, Dirk Brockmann and Stefano Merler.

The International Conference on Computational Science 2010 (ICCS 2010) brought together researchers and scientists from mathematics and computer science as well as researchers from various application areas such as physics, chemistry, life sciences and others to share knowledge about state-of-art computational science and to identify new issues and directions for research.

The talk presented the GLEaMviz Simulator software, developed within the EpiFor collaboration, that allows non technical users to perform simulations of the spread of an epidemic on a global scale based on the GLEaM model.