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EpiFor @ International Conference on Global Health Dec. 31, 2009

EpiFor will participate to the International Conference Global Health and the UAE: Asia-Middle East Connections that will take place in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates, January 4-8, 2010. The goal of this conference is to highlight global health problems that are emerging across Inter-Asia in the new millennium and are, in fact, a reflection of the global flows (of humans, diseases, commodities, and capital) between these three major regions of the world (the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia).

The conference will bring together over 50 public health scholars, medical anthropologists, behavioral scientists and public-health practitioners from the Middle East/North Africa, South Asia, and East/Southeast Asia.

Vittoria Colizza will contribute with a daily keynote speech on Jan 6 about Epidemic Science in real time: The H1N1 case

Check out the program at the conference webpage!