EpiFor @ INFECTIOUS, Science Gallery, Dublin April 17, 2009

EpiFor contribues with GLEaMviz.org to the INFECTIOUS Science exhibition in the Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, running from April 17 to July 17, 2009, with the Epidemic Planet.

Epidemic Planet - Explore how high-speed travel whisks new strains of influenza around the globe and how effective measures to prevent pandemic may pose daunting ethical and political challenges.

A large screen coupled with a touch-screen interface will allow the visitors to explore several possible scenarios of propagation of the pandemic influenza in the world, according to: different seeding initial conditions (e.g. Hanoi, Vietnam vs. Dublin, Ireland); milder or stronger virulence of the pathogen indicated by the reproductive number (i.e. the average number of infections that an infectious individual can generate in a susceptible population); a series of intervention strategies based on available drugs or on travel restrictions aimed at mitigating the impact of the pandemic and delaying its spread at the worldwide scale.

Opening with a three day long festival of events, talks and performances INFECTIOUS will start spreading on April 17th and will hopefully be contained by July 17th.

Come and visit INFECTIOUS!!!